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One Life to Live: A Wish List

  • To become a CIR on the JET programme

  • To travel all the 47 prefectures in Japan

  • To visit as many countries as possible

  • To attempt bouldering (inspired by the Shiyagare episode where Mukai Osamu was the aniki guest!)

  • To experience riding a horse

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If you've been cut, it's because

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No hard feelings!

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Glad to be a Japanese Studies major. Glad to be an Arashi fan. Glad to be your daughter, mum.

A lot of people have been asking me "So what are you going to do with a Japanese Studies degree?", to the extent that I even said I'm gonna strangle the next person who asked me this taboo question. There were, as expected, people who asked the question after I said that but of course, I didn't strangle them. Cos what I realized is that instead of being frustrated at these people, I feel sad for them. Why do they only focus on the practical and tangible benefits studying brings? I just don't get it. Like how they don't get why I am majoring in Japanese Studies.

When people ask me, "What can you do in the future with a Japanese Studies degree?", what I really want to tell them is "To be honest, I don't know. (Then again, it's not like it's a dead end for Japanese Studies majors after they graduate) But what I am sure of is that I am happy where I am now. I am enjoying each and every moment of being a Japanese Studies major. I don't care if you think I am naïve or what, but this is all that matters to me now." But all I can do is to smile and say I don't know. And that smile, to be frank, is to conceal how foolish I think they are. Yes planning for the future is important. Having a job is important. I am aware of that. But I don't think it should take precedence over my own happiness. I have found something that I want to do, that I enjoy doing, and that's Japanese Studies. So, why not?

She has never asked me what I can do with a Japanese Studies degree. She has never forced me to study this or study that "because it is practical, because it has great job prospects" and whatnot. She has never told me not to major in Japanese Studies because "there's nothing, or limited jobs, you can do with that degree". She lets me have my way. My own way of thinking. My own way of making decisions. My own way of doing things. My own way of leading my own life. She knows that she is not the one studying; I am.

She knows that I am happy majoring in Japanese Studies. And I know that she's happy to see me happy. When I broke the news to her that Kyudai has accepted me, I saw her stifling a smile (that’s her trying to act nonchalant) but failed, of course.

Guess what, I am not the one who's the happiest knowing that I am going to Japan for SEP; she's the one.

Thank you, mum ♥

She's definitely the person I'm gonna miss the most when I'm in Japan.

At some point in time, I did want to change my major. From Japanese Studies to something else because, to be honest, my results for my Japanese Studies modules are like shit. But I held back. Because I really wanted to go to Japan for SEP. Given my sucky results, being a Japanese Studies major is the only way to do so because of the priority Japanese Studies majors get over the other students to go to Japan. Perhaps it is way too early for me to say anything because I haven't even embarked on my SEP journey but I'm really glad that I didn't change my major. And I know I won't regret. Ever.

And why did I want to go Japan for SEP so badly? Initially, it's cos of Arashi. But gradually, I realized that I want to for my own sake. I want to step out of my comfort zone. I want to get lost in Japan alone and find my way back, however afraid I am. I want to be independent. And so much more. And you know what, without Arashi, I may not even have this dream. I may not even have thought of trying new things for my own sake.

That's why Arashi is so important to me.

I have said this before but I'll say it again. I am proud to be a Japanese Studies major.

Perhaps even after reading all this, you guys still do not understand my way of thinking. I don't expect you to because I think it is hard, to the extent impossible, since the benefits I reap from majoring in Japanese Studies are not tangible which make them invisible to outsiders. But I thank you for reading till the end. That's all I need from you :)
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Christmas Eve? What Christmas Eve? It's Aiba day!!!!!!!! :D

When he said his birthday is easily forgotten by his friends/his friends dun celebrate his birthday because it falls on Christmas Eve, I feel like telling him "No! You're so wrong! A lot of other people remember your birthday and want to celebrate it with you!" You are very loved, Aiba! ♥

In celebration of this awesome day, have a magical song by our miracle boy :D It's irritating the first few times you listen to it (like 七月歌台) but it grows on you, trust me XD

Have a wonderful Aiba day people!!! :DDD
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Maou had a part to play in my becoming an Arashi fan. Sorry, sentence sounds weird cos I am too tired to think. The drama was awesome. Naruse Ryo was awesome. Toma (what's his name in the drama?) was awesome (he's the reason why I watched the drama actually). Nino was awesome (even though he appeared for a fleeting moment). Truth was awesome. The PV was awesome.

And they still are.

So is Riida.

His motivational words are awesome.

「天才はいない。好きなことをずっとやり続けることが才能だ」 has now become my motto in life.

But hor, I don't think he looks younger than his age. No offence! Let's not quarrel! To each his own! :)
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look what i found

These are thumbnails. Click to see bigger :D

Found this in the cupboard where old files are kept. These are from my sister's file though. Taiwan version of Wink Up from years ago. Haha. And why no Ken? D:

I'm so gonna dig out more stuff after exams to see if I can find treasures like these XD