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10 December 2010 @ 12:23 am
The most number of screencaps I've had in an entry, yet  
Those who are following me on Tumblr, you would have seen some of the screencaps before.
And because I have so much time, I edited the colouring of the screencaps :D

I loooove the long coat Ken's wearing. I think it suits him!


Old. But hot. XD

At a restaurant in Taiwan. I think the lady interpreter was really lucky. I would kill to be her.
Okada um chio-ing so cute XD I realised he likes to um chio. Haha.

Then I started to become self-conscious of my bias and thought that I needed to include at least a few screencaps of Nagano. Especially when he's so pretty.

Sakamoto's laughing face :D

My greatest bias. It shows in this entry.

Sakamoto and Inocchi laughing at Okada's Korean fail XD

I was :O at this part. Okada just put his leg on the bar so abruptly, and effortlessly.

Inocchi looks awesome in leather jacket. He shall be my black leather jacket bias 8D

But well, greatest bias is greatest bias XD



I was spazzing at this part. Never thought that a 39-year old uncle would make my heart dokidoki.

I would kill to be the female make-up artist too. Yea. Anyways, do you see how pretty his side-view is?


I don't know why but they look so good in tank tops (or what I call singlets which uncles selling hokkien mee at hawker centres wear).

I love, love, love (to the power of infinity) the following set of screencaps. The face, the person, the background (gotta love the green!), the poses (some look like it's for a wedding shoot), basically everything. But most of it, the person ♥






I realised, no screencaps of Go yet (>.<) I wanted to cap him way before but he kept moving so I gave up. LOL. Anyways, I love these two  screencaps of him!



Nagano and Inocchi were talking but my attention was all on that uncle behind. If you're like me, you'll know where I couldn't take my eyes off.

I can stare at these screencaps foreverrrrrrr
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スターゲイザー: sakamoto; 笑って!笑って!笑って!cuticlebeam on December 10th, 2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks! ♥ Omg never thought someone would describe this entry as sweet XD Very happy! Haha.

OH YES I love it too! This disc is too much ♥ :D And ya the fans homg. And the Korean fans are like wow. I can still remember vividly the part where the SP was pushing the fan with his body D:

Haha ya ya your bias is really obvious! XD Haha. Actually there are more Sakamoto screencaps in this entry... well, let's just forget it. Ken's still my ichiban!

Natural is always the best right! :D I wanted to make a gif out of that umchioing part but got codec problem so yea :(


Haha! Let's stare! XD