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06 November 2010 @ 09:56 pm

Where did I steal this from? :\

What does this tell you?

(Sorry, I'm just gonna copy and paste from last year's project post >.<)

Yes, Christmas is gonna be here soon! (Which means Aiba's birthday is coming soon too!) :DDD

I'll be sending Christmas cards to those of you who want it (as long as I know you). :D This is not an exchange. It's okay if you don't reciprocate my feelings. Really! :D Also, it doesn't matter if we haven't been LJ friends for long! :)

As for how the Christmas cards will look like, I cannot confirm yet but I'll do my best to send you nice ones. :) Just to let you know, they may be postcards instead of the usual greeting cards.

If you want a card from me (or are forced to leave down your address by me), post a comment in the following format:

Recipient's name:
Address: (please include which country you're from as well and remember to check through what you've typed)

Dun be shy! Comments are screened!

When I'll stop accepting addresses: 7 Dec 2010 (for both local and overseas friends)

NOTE: If you have changed your address, please let me know! :)
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04 November 2010 @ 10:08 pm

My cult.
This came a little too late. V6's 15th anniversary was on 1 Nov (2 days earlier than Arashi's anniversary) but still, better late than never! :)

V6 Asia Tour 2010 in Japan Ready? DVD is super nice!!!!!! I'm so glad that they sang CHANGE THE WORLD omg so nostalgic!!! Love this concert to bits and pieces. I haven't finished watching though but when I fast-forwarded to the songs that I like and damn they're all awesome. I love it whenever they perform will. Air and X,T,C Beat + Top Checker were awesome as well, just to name a few. I knew X,T,C Beat and Top Checker from their Volume 6 album that I bought in 2001 and they were 2 of my favourite songs from that album! I can remember myself listening to the CD on the bulky discman and grooving to the songs. Those were the days... I can remember myself looking at the lyrics booklet and go D: at the Japanese words. But I totally didn't imagine myself knowing those words, which were so foreign to me back then, now and singing along by looking at the lyrics booklet.

I am really glad that I still like V6 now even though I was out of the fandom from 2004-2008. I can't help but think how awesome uncle Johnny is ahahaha. Like how CHANGE THE WORLD and other long long ago Johnny's songs still dun get old. And of cos, how Ken still dun look old.

Back to the DVD, I'm planning to get the Japan version after my exams if there is still no news on the HK/Taiwan version. The Japan version is around $130 *gasps* but after watching a bit of it, I think it's worth the money. Or is this how uncle Johhny makes us fangirls broke? Haha.

Finally got to post this. Spoilers ahead?Collapse )
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02 November 2010 @ 11:15 pm

11 years.

And I’m entering my 2nd year as a fan on the 25th. Nearly 2 years back, I did wonder if I would just stop liking them all of a sudden. No, instead, I thought I was gonna like them for a short while and would return to the KAT-TUN fandom real soon. Note: I’m not in any way trying to compare Arashi and KAT-TUN - I know that everyone has his or her own preference :)

But yea, I’m still here. In the Arashi fandom :)

I received comments from some people that I was just in my peak as their fan and that soon enough, my interest in them would just fade away.

But no, I’m still here. In the Arashi fandom :)

Well, I have to admit that I myself find it a tad unbelievable too. But they really mean a lot to me, and the other fans too. I was really glad (an understatement) that last semester, I was able to do a group project about them which brought me really great insights, as a fan and as a person, for I was able to understand how much significance they hold in the other fans’ lives and it’s really no joke. When I was doing that project, some fans asked me what Arashi meant to me so I gave it a thought and well, thought that I should write it here on their 11th anniversary, which explains the title for this post.

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29 August 2010 @ 11:22 pm


He's become soooo likeable that I totally cannot remember myself hating on the Kindaichi Jun years ago. It's as if the Jun I know now and that Kindaichi Jun are two different people.

In celebration of his birthday, I'm doing drama analysis on SMILE for my project! Ok, the "in celebration of his birthday" part just happens to be a coincidence haha.

On a completely different note, this sem is busier than I expected D:

Oh yes btw has anyone watched Arashi ni Shiyagare episode 11? SHO IS DAMN HOT IN IT. I wanted to make screencaps but I promised to be good and study you know. Will do when I feel more free!
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28 March 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Wah I still have time to update my LJ. (>.<)

But well, I really need to type this down. After reading the comments from fellow Arashi fans on how Arashi has helped them in their lives, I feel truly touched. At the same time, I'm reminded of how Arashi has helped me a lot in my life.

Take for example... Sho. Haha. Not very surprising that I will use him as an example right? :P

I hated Physical Education lessons a lot. Well, I still do but thank goodness they are already outta my life. I hated PE lessons so much because of my lack of talent in sports. Well, don't even talk about talent. I don't even have any sports ability. More than that, I hated how my classmates would treat me during PE lessons. But most of the time, it's based on my interpretation. They didn't say it out right but ya, you know, can tell from their faces and all? Or maybe I was just being too sensitive.

One of my primary school PE teachers, she embarrassed me in front of the whole class - asked me to do star jumps and push-ups alone in front of the whole class. Obviously, I couldn't do them well (which is the reason why she demanded me to do them in front of the whole class). I really, really hated PE lessons right from primary school to JC (perhaps cos of this incident which left an indelible psychological scar on me)

I've been learning yoga for a few months now. To say the truth, it was Sho who motivated me to learn it. XD I don't want to be so inflexible like him! Mwhaha XD But being the person that I am, I cannot do every step perfectly. Many a times, I can't balance, etc. Like yesterday, we're supposed to do the cycling step. I don't know what to call it exactly but it's one of the exercises which most of us will do in PE lessons. And I remember myself being very bad at it (even till now). Once, my JC PE teacher commented on my fail and asked me to "cycle" faster but obviously I couldn't. Yesterday, my yoga teacher was right beside me and looking at how I was doing this exercise. I failed again. But I didn't feel embarrassed at all. I just smiled. It's not to conceal my awkwardness though, really, for I know I have done my best. And the whole time, I was thinking of Sho.

I think the reason why I am able to continue my yoga lessons is all thanks to Arashi. They showed me that it's okay to fail, it's okay to be bad at something; no one is perfect after all. What matters most is that you're giving your all.

And this is only one of the many situations where they have helped me in life ♥

Speaking of yoga, of cos I must leave you guys with this right? XD

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24 January 2010 @ 11:02 pm

Remember that I said I was on a gif-making spree? I actually started doing this post 3 weeks ago. Partly cos of my laggy computer, partly cos of my worry that I won't have time when school reopens. Then again, I am not obliged to do such a post but... I couldn't help it. Yea, he's my ichiban, even though I regret telling people that as soon as his name comes out from my mouth. Mwhaha. XD Even though I think I like Aiba more... Even though Nino's my very first ichiban and I still admire him...

I disliked him when I first liked Arashi. Evey can be my witness. That is, if she still remembers. Haha. I thought that he was trying so hard to act cool. Was watching Truth PV non-stop back then (because it was an awesome PV and also cos of Nino and Aiba). And he turned me off. But when I saw him on AnS, I thought he was quite poor thing (remember Oshiete! Arashi?) Yea that was when I first saw his fail and sympathised with him.

Warning: there are a total of 36 images and gifs under the cut. To enjoy this entry, wait for everything to finish loading first :) I had to refresh it 3 times to see all the images and gifs. (>.<) Do let me know if the gifs aren't working!
After days of photoshopping and gif-ing, I present to you 28 reasons why he's my ichibanCollapse )
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15 January 2010 @ 06:14 pm

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03 January 2010 @ 12:33 am

Took me days to do this entry. (>.<)

On New Year's Day, I pulled myself out of the bed at 8.30 am just because of Arashi. I woke up with bloodshot eyes because of them... because I slept quite late too. Actually, I don't think I'm that crazy a fan. But sometimes, I can't help but feel that way. *shakes head* I. am. NOT. a. crazy. fangirl.

Then in between, I decided to cancel my downloads and started downloading another version but decided to download the first version again. You can roughly count how many hours it took me. You can count by days too.

So under the cut is all the shinies. Enjoy. But be warned, it's still quite image heavy even though I've decided to split it into two parts. Will do part 2 tomorrow.

Hours, days, memory space, tired eyes... it's all worth it in the end.Collapse )

Started off the year by splurging (>.<) Bought a pair of Everlast shoes for school and ordered the Arashi countdown uchiwa. Hmm...

Anyways... check out my 2010 scrapbook here! Took me a lot of time and brain cells to tweak the html codes and stuff. I just hope the contents won't be deleted away when I edit the post, which is what happened to my 2009 scrapbook, which is why you can't see it anymore.

Off to see pretty girls on 我猜!
I need sleep.
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26 November 2009 @ 12:14 am


I didn't mean to use such a weird screencap (>.<) I'm taking time off my revision to make this post so yup... He looks happy in this screencap anyways, doesn't he? ;D

Ohno is so cute, you just have to admit it. :D My mum says he's the most good looking (cos she thinks that the rest of Arashi look like girls -_-) From my observations, he is the auntie-killer a.k.a 师奶杀手 in Arashi. XD

Hope he continues fishing even though loads of people are complaining about his tan. Wahaha. XD But fishing is what he loves the most, isn't it? fish And he's able to do it for so long. He's just awesome. :D
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