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cuticlebeam // previously known as conceal-ed

a himono-onna who's majoring in Japanese Studies. has a dual introvert/extrovert personality. laughs too much and too easily sometimes. is muddle-headed and owns a memory which has near zero retention ability. be warned, her straightforwardness may turn people off sometimes :\

arashi is her caffeine, her medicine, her motivation, her stress-buster; they are her soul, soul. ♥

V6, her very first favourite JE group (in 2000), is the light in her heart :) even though she converted into an Arashi fan 8 years later

her other favourites: 東方新起/TVXQ!/DBSK, Alice Nine, ayaka, Angela Aki, Namie Amuro, mihimaru GT, GReeeeN, Hiroaka Yuta, Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru, Ayase Haruka, Keiko Kitagawa, Ueto Aya & 萧敬腾 (Jam Hsiao)

adores cute things such as Rilakkuma and Danbo :)

oh, and her LJ is best viewed in Firefox :)
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